NSC Advanced Competitor Ultra Jump



A modern twist on an old classic.

Fully updated in 2021 – better feel, the best workmanship – simply better for you and your horse!

This saddle has the same fantastic fit for the horse you are used to, with even more to offer for you the rider.

With the flatter seat and narrower twist, the Advanced Competitor Ultra will give you the ultimate competitive edge.

Adjustable knee and thigh blocks allow you to customise according to your personal preference, and you have a dual flap design for easy girthing adjustments when mounted.


The tree shape is designed to easily accommodate the medium to high withers commonly found on the NZ sport horse. A great choice for those horses with a medium curve to “A” framed backs, generous panels for customization, this saddle is one of the few saddles specifically made for NZ high withered horses.

Available in a standard panel or a deep rear gusset (DRG) panel to fit a variety of shapes from our NZ TB’s to the Clydie X’s. The panels also have a unique feature which allows small size adjustments at home and can be used to help stabilize the fit on a horse with asymmetric shoulders.

Additional information

Saddle Width

M, MW, W

  • 16.5", 17", 17.5", 18"

  • M, MW, W

  • Dark brown and black

  • Leather: Smooth leather as standard, or upgrade to Buffalo or Italian Calf

  • Long or short girthing options

  • Wooden laminated spring tree

  • Wool flocked panels

  • MAKE IT YOUR OWN – Individual customisations available for piping, keepers and cantles – POA

  • Contact your local NSC fitter/stockist to arrange a trial