NSC Solstice Endurance GP


Often described as the lazyboy of saddles!

This saddle is made to have hours spent in it.

A very comfortable choice of saddle for pleasure riding, trekking, CTR, or endurance.

For added comfort it has extra padding on the knee rolls for softness and support and as standard, extra D-rings on the front and back, plus a crupper ring are available.


A lightweight saddle, designed for smaller withers and wider, flatter backs. It has a wide channel, and generous panel for optimal equine comfort. A longer dressage style flap allows the riders legs to be protected from sweat.

You have the choice of long, short or adjustable girthing to cater for all girth grooves and back shapes, and quilting stitches to keep the flocking in place.

  • 16.5",17″, 17.5″, 18″, 18.5", 19"
  • MW, W, XW, 2XW
  • Black or Brown
  • Leather: Smooth Bullhide with Calf, or Buffalo with Calf
  • Short, long or adjustable girthing to order (POA)
  • Wooden laminated spring tree
  • Wool flocked panels
  • Contact your local NSC fitter/stockist to arrange a trial