NSC Farrington Prima Jump


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The NSC Farrington Prima is a high quality entry to mid level jump saddle, hand crafted for NSC in the UK.

The Prima has an event style cantle, so great for you if you are out hunting, or if you like a bit more support behind you.

The moveable front and back blocks allow you to customize your position which gives you added versatility for you and your horse.

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The NSC Farrington Prima is a versatile jump saddle. With a tree shape designed for horses with a medium curve to “A” frame shape, and withers of a medium height and long in length, its generous panel shape allows for custom flocking to ensure a sympathetic fit. With shorter panels and an open seat it is a good choice for horses with short backs and taller riders. Short girthing points, made with extra tabs so they can be quickly adjusted by a saddle fitter for your horse’s shape.

  • 17", 17.5", 18"
  • MW, W, XW, 2XW, 3XW
  • Black or Brown
  • Leather: Smooth as standard, or upgrade to Buffalo or Calf
  • Long or short girthing options
  • Wooden laminated spring tree
  • Wool flocked panels
  • Contact your local NSC fitter/stockist to arrange a trial