Is my horse an extra wide or not?

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

"Is my horse an extra wide or not? The saddle is supposed to be a 'wide', but it is sitting far too high and no matter what we try everything moves at the back and rolls. This horse is showing great promise jumping, so I need a forward cut jumping saddle."

Our answer

No your horse is not an extra wide but what it does have is a very wide scapula and it is this, coupled with the fact that you have placed the saddle directly on top of this, which is distorting the balance. Horses with this confirmation never find it easy to carry a forward cut jumping  saddle.

When you are riding the saddle has come behind the scapula (where it should be) and the balance is  lost because the saddle is TOO WIDE  Too much weight is now being taken over the front third of the saddle and the back is destabilised  “moving and rolling”.

If you follow the instructions as indicated in Size and Fit and send me a photograph of the horse without a saddle but standing four square on level ground, I will come up with suggestions as to which style and width fitting might be suitable for you to try. The saddle, whilst at the wrong angle and balance on the horse would appear to be the right size for you so.we have a base from which to start.

Illustrations of this problem can be found here:.Loaded Shoulder, Saddle Moving BackwardsTop of Scapula Distorting Fit

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