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New for 2020, The SR Vanessa Dressage Saddle. This saddle has been designed for the rider who spends time in the saddle and wants the best for their bums and the horses back. A close contact monoflap feel, with an external knee block and deeper seat for added support on the big moving horse. We heard your cries that you love the rider feel of the close contact latex panels. Keeping the horses back in mind, we have found a compromise to keep everyone happy – a revolutionary wool panel, that can be flocked to fit, but feels close like latex!

NSC SR Vanessa Monoflap Dressage
  • 17", 17.5", 18"

  • MW, W, XW

  • Black or Brown

  • Leather: Italian calf covered (+$200)

  • Wooden laminated spring tree

  • Slimline performance panels

  • MAKE IT YOUR OWN – Individual customisations available for piping, keepers and cantles, POA


The SR saddles have been designed by SMS Qualified Saddle Fitters, Critiqued and tweaked by NZ Top Dressage Riders (Vanessa Way, Abby Dekon, Sophie de Clifford and Lucarne Dolley) and created by our UK Saddle Maker Adam Ellis, who has come to NZ and fitted our horses.

This saddle is designed for the NZ warmblood- those with a bit more curve through their backs. The point length accommodates medium to high withers, long withers, and the panel is designed to support the front of the saddle, so it can’t get sucked down onto the Trapezius, allowing for freedom of movement for the horse. Available in a deep rear gusset version too.

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